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We are registered breeders with the Dogs NSW (#2000869070), and past members of the Labrador Club of Qld.

Our aim has always been to breed quality puppies free from hereditary defects (our 21 year old daughter has human hip dysplasia and it it not a nice thing to go thru).

All puppies are raised in a family environment and given the best possible start to life.

Kobelco puppies are also raised using neonatal stimulation and are also desensitized to thunder and loud noises whilst with us during their first 8 weeks.

Pups are also toilet trained to synthetic grass for easy transition to crate and indoor training.

Kobelco Labradors was founded in 1993 with the purchase of Driftway Black Apollo (Saidi). Saidi was purchased as a pet to grow up with our young family. Unfortunately we lost Saidi early on in her life due to a freak accident. Before losing Saidi she produced an exceptional litter to Aust. Ch. Charmerla the Mallon (Richard), from this litter came our first homebred Australian Champion Kobelco Elizabeth. After a long wait we were then offered a pup from Southbank kennels. We obtained a lovely chocolate boy named Southbank Terracotta (Yoda). Not long after that a gorgeous girl named Charmela the Mabalis (Rosie) from the Charmela Kennels in Qld came to join us. A friend then invited me to a show, I caught "Dog People Disease" and the rest is history. We can now claim to have added to the gene pool of chocolate labradors in Australia by investing in the importation of Willowspring Obi Wan (Obi), with plans to also import more lines from the UK's top kennels.

All Kobelco puppies are Dogs NSW registered (with limited registration papers- this means the animal can not be shown in confirmation shows and no progeny can be registered from the animal).

We will sell pups with Main Registration POA, and only after we have researched your motives within the breed.

Our pups are raised with children from the minute they are born, have had vaccinations and microchipping done and come with one month of worming, and a lifetime of back up service.

Our aim is always for the betterment of the breed, this is why we only breed with selected animals once or twice, to always produce litters that improve on what we have already.

We only ever use animals that are within the breed standard in type, temperament and hip and elbow scoring. All of our breeding stock are also PRA clear by parentage.


Last updated 9th March 2018

A word of warning, there is a new group advertising as registered breeders called AAPDB, this group are not selling pedigree dogs, although they call them selves registered breeders. They do not come under the cover of a registering body.To become a member you just have to have a visit from a vet!!

A lot of these breeders are on FB as registered breeders, so be very careful when choosing your next furry friend

An ANKC registered breeder will supply you with their ANKC breeder number and you can check its validity with your states controling body. All registered breeders are required to display this number in any advertising they d, if it is not visible I would suggest looking elsewhere for a pup.

In NSW the controlling body is Dogs NSW, members breeder numbers start with either 2000- if they were registered before the turn of the century or 2100 if after. Registered breeders will also provide you with a certificate of pedigree with all pups, either limtied register or mains registered.

Available Puppies


We are expecting puppies May and June 2018, with pups ready to leave from July/August.We will have chocolate, black and possibley a couple

of yellow pups available.

These pups will be ideally suited to families with children.

**Please feel free to call and have a chat if you would like your name placed on our waitlist for these puppies.

At present there appears to be a high demand for our puppies

so you will need to go on a wait list for a Kobelco Puppy.

*Our waitlist for April puppies is now closed, if you are on it, please keep intouch as requested.


Why wait for a Kobelco Puppy- lots of reasons...

*We have been Registered Breeders for 25 years of this wonderful breed

*We have several generations of helathy dogs in our lines

*We offer a lifetime of backup service

*All puppies are individually temperament tested at 6 weeks and matched to their forever families accordingly

*Our puppies receive the best possbile start to life whilst in our care

-a premium diet

-neonatal stimulation

-as much socialisation that is safe at an early age

-descensitisation to loud noises

-toilet training to synthetic grass as well as normal grass

If you are willing to wait for the right puppy, then feel free to call. We dont ask you to fill in forms, we would rather talk personally.

We also dont beleive in taking deposits until we have a puppy on the ground for you.

Please call 0419687988 to discuss further

Our young puppies out socializing at the beach and Maggies Cafe



Cost of Kobelco Puppies

We do not charge different prices for different colours.

We believe they are all as good as each other and although we

dedicate a lot to our pups before they leave our care at 8 weeks, its what effort you put in

that determines what you get from your new friend, especially in the first 4 months of their lives.

Pricing as at 1/1/18

Limited Registration- $1800

Main Registration- POA


No breeder can guarentee they are selling you a Grand Champion Pup

It is our endevour to place pups that match the

Breed Standard as close as possible in both Type and Temperament on the Main Register


and Export Puppies are POA.

***SA and WA puppies***

There appears to be a huge price difference in puppy prices between states and breeders.

A Kobelco puppy delivered to Perth Airport will cost $2180 as a pet, including a crate to keep.

Adelaide is $2080. Melbourne is $2070.

This is from a Registered Breeder who has been breeding hapy healhty labradors for more than 20 years, up to six gereations free from hereditary diseases.

I encourage you to shop around when choosing your next furry freind,

as not all breeders motives are for the betterment of the breed.



Moosi and Solo

Harper and Solo



We like to talk personally before agreeing to place names on our waitlist.

Feel free to call, if there is no answer leave a short message and your return number

and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Alteratively send a detailed email whihc includes your state and I will call you. click link below:



Past Puppies


Nelly and Solo's 2015 litter

Scroll down this page to see their previous litter in 2013.

Or click here to watch this litters progress

Jess and Opie 2015 pups have arrived, we will

be repeating this mating in April 2018, this will be Jesses final litter

Waitlist Open

Click here to see the litters progress

Jedda to Obi 2015 pups arrived safely.

Scroll down this page to see their previous pups.

Or click here to see the current pups progress



This is an interactive website, move mouse over the photos and text and then click and you will be re-directed to dogs individual pages.

These individual pages have photos of previous pups from the dams

What you get with a Kobelco Puppy

*5 generations plus of healthy breeding stock- we have been breeding labs since 1993

* a lifetime of free backup service with any questions you may have on the health and wellbeing of your puppy

*carefully planned litters always with the intention of improving what beautiful dogs we already have

*an individually temperament tested puppy with the correct energy levels for your family environment



To view videos of our pups check out our FaceBook pages-

"Kobelco Labradors" and "Labrador Breeders NSW"

and like us while you are there.


Genuine enquiries are welcome by phone.

Mobile - 0487 183225

Home - 02 66554860



Jedda and Obi

Tina and Obi

Poh and Solo

Gemma and Solo

Nelly and Solo

Flo and Obi

Moose and Solo


Jedda and Obi

Nova and Gus

Gemma and Gus


Elle and Harry

Dora and Milo


Trish and Obi

Our Trish and Obi pups have arrived (all spoken for).


Flo and Obi

6 Weeks young- 5th August.


5.5 Weeks young- 30th July -the lotter are all developing their parents retrieving skills.....


3.5 Weeks young- 15th July- mobile at last...and cute.


2.5 Weeks young- 10th July

Starting to look like labradors, eyes are now open and pups are starting to respond to human touch and voice.

1 Week young- 30th June

Our Flo and Obi pups have arrived over night



Moose and Milo

Fifth Week- its been a very wet week here, so not much action just eating and sleeping and growing.....

Fourth week- pups are now mobile, thier ears are open , so they can hear and begin to respond to human voices, they are now also interacting with one another, very cute. Solids will be fed later this week for the first time

Third week- the pups eyes open this week so they begin to see, up until now they only have their sense of smell to get around ( this is 200 times more sensitive than our human noses.


Maycee and Harry

Poh and Obi

Genuine enquiries are welcome by phone . All puppies are temperament tested at 6 weeks, vaccinated and microchipped and come with a lifetime of backup service. We have been breeding labradors since 1991 and are more than happy to share our wealth of information.

Please call Kelly: 0266554860 --  0487183225   to enquire about one of these little treasures.

Happy Labbing




Kobelco Labradors

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