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Kobelco Maycee

Maycee is a deep chocolate girl. This litter with Harry represents some of the best lines of chocolate in Australia. Maycee loves human company and is quite lazy for a labrador, she loves to sit around and watch the world go by. Mum and Dad below.

Last updated 8th May 2013

Maycee's 2013 litter arrived on the 7th May, very cute....


Maycee's litter arrived over night on the 21st of January 2012. We have 10 little treasures, all spoken for.

3.5 weeks

A little treat this week, I have attempted some studio shots!!!!! Not easy on your own! The pups have today been started on solids, were not too fussed......being labs I am sure they will grow to love food over the coming days.

4.5 weeks

Out and about at last, we have had two big thinderstorms this week, so the pups should all be desensitised to loud noises.

6.5 weeks

The pups are now out and about exploring. there are some real little characters appearing........


Below is Maycees first litter,

February 2010 to our Obi