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  This page contains information you will need to know before a puppy can be exported. And some photos of our lovely dogs who

live as part of our family not in kennels.

Updated 15th August 2017


We have now been exporting our puppies for almost 15 years worldwide. There are some special behavioural traits we look for in export puppies. The price quoted for your pup includes board until 12 weeks of age, all pre-export vet requirements and also initial training both indoors and out, this includes toilet training (a huge advantage seen as thought the pups learn more in the first 16 weeks than at any other time in their lives). We also offer a weekly Skype so you can see your puppy's growth, this is also an opportuntiy to ask questions you may have reguarding your new friend.

Our next availabe export pups will be born late 2017, and ready to export early 2018.

Enquiries Welcome





  • Before you can import a puppy you will need to contact your local import authority. They will advise you of what the requirements are for importation.
  • We require you to email us documentation from this authority before we can quote you a price if you are importing to a country we have not exported to before.
  • Costs from our end are the cost of the puppy, board after 8 weeks of age, AQUIS vet charges for vaccinations, international microchips and any health clearances before flights
  • Depending on which airline you choose to fly your puppy, different age limits apply for each country
  • We have exported to many Asianic countries and use and recommend JETPETS here in Australia, we reccomend you also obtain quotes from 2 other sources for your pups transportation
  • Some countries that we have exported to are:- Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta, Timor .
  • As of March 2012 all export pups have to be at least 12 weeks of age minimum before they can fly.

Our export puppies are temperament tested at 6 weeks of age. By choosing the right temperament in a puppy, you can be sure that when he/she arrives to  you, that they are bounding bundles of joy, not terrified!!!!

Our experience allows us to choose the correct puppies to be able to handle the long journey, having said this, most labs in general are very adaptable.

Export puppies that remain with us past 8 weeks of age , are started on basic obedience. This is a huge advantage if you do not recieve your pup until 12 weeks of age. They learn more in the first 16 weeks of their life than at any other time.

We will not agree to export puppies without first having spoken to the new owner personally, email is fine to begin but expect to call before you are placed on our wait list for a Kobelco Puppy. Under no circumstances will we sell a pup to a third party- so please do not bother contacting if the pup is not for yourself. The safety of our pups is paramount..........


Below are some of our up and coming youngsters